Radian Audio is proud to bring you the our new Beryllium Diaphragms.  Here at Radian we strive to bring you the highest quality sound money can buy.  Beryllium is the strongest lightest metal on the market & can be used for the replacement of most Diaphragms. Needless to say Beryllium would be a much welcomed upgrade to any system.

Lead time may be up to 6 weeks.

Beryllium May Be Added To Any Of Our Compression Drivers Or Coaxial Loudspeakers

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Health & Safety

This product contains Truextent brand Acoustic Beryllium. Merely touching or holding solid beryllium poses little or no health risk. If the beryllium surface is abraded and small particles are inhaled however, beryllium can cause a serious chronic lung disease, called chronic beryllium disease (“CBD”) in some individuals. For more information on the health risks of exposure to beryllium, including CBD, we encourage you to review the Material Safety Data Sheet on beryllium at