LT2 HF Planar Ribbon Transducer

The LT2 is a high-frequency planar ribbon transducer with an extended frequency response effective from 1.2 kHz – 40 kHz, matched to a corresponding LT2 120° × 60° waveguide. Optional configurations are available for custom orders, including  weatherproofing, raw driver without waveguide for custom mounting, and open back version with dipole radiation pattern.

LT2 Unique Attributes
• Proprietary Design With Neo Magnets, Kapton Diaphragm and Glass Filled Polymer Waveguide
• High Sensitivity and Flat Resistive Impedance
• Extremely Low Distortion Due to Absence of Voice Coil Inductance and Related Intermodulation Effects
• Exceptional Sonic Transparency and Resolution Surpassing Conventional HF Drivers
• Wide and Even Horizontal Dispersion
• Reliable Design, Successfully Proven in Long Term Operations in Residential and Commercial Applications
• Optimized for Line Arrays With Maximized Ratio of Radiating Slots to Total Driver Length

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