The Most Musical Compression Driver Diaphragms in the Industry
Radian was founded in 1988 by Richard Kontrimas. Kontrimas held a Master's degree in physical chemistry and a PhD in metallurgy from Iowa State University, and he put his knowledge to good use in the development of Radian’s unique aluminum alloy (aluminum, titanium, and copper), spin-forming and annealing processes for the diaphragm. Initial offerings were upgrade replacement compression driver diaphragms for Altec, JBL, and Emilar. Users felt that drivers with Radian's replacement diaphragms were less fatiguing, more musical and accurate. In independent lab measurements, the drivers revealed less measurable distortion than the competition. "It wasn’t long before the studios in Studio City and Burbank were ordering large quantities of the diaphragms," recalls Kontrimas. "These are the endorsements you live for and make you want to continue your research and development." The product line gradually expanded to complete compression drivers. During the last three years Radian has expanded into (Materion) Beryllium with 5 slit phase plug and exploring TeXtreme TPCD carbon fiber diaphragm versions of the various drivers.
Replacement Diaphragms for Radian, JBL, Altec, TAD, and Meyer.