January 07, 2018 2 min read

Introducing The World's First Complete Range Of Coaxial Ribbon Drivers
Radian Audio exhibited at the 2018 ALMA International Symposium and Expo in Las Vegas, January 6th and 7th. Radian's new lineup for 2018 included the world's first range of coaxial ribbon drivers and the new LT/LM series of ribbon products.
In 2018, Radian introduced the world's first complete range of coaxial ribbon (CR) drivers. This patent pending line of coaxial ribbon drivers is designed for high performance applications, where ultimate sound quality, transparency, and resolution is required from a highly coherent coaxial source. The line features drivers ranging from 6.5" to 12" in size in the low frequencies, coupled with a 50mm round planar ribbon HF transducer (1.2"/30mm exit) featuring a Kapton diaphragm and a powerful neodymium magnet system that offer superior signal reproduction with very linear response, extended up to 30 kHz. Independent LF and HF magnetic systems, eliminate flux modulation and related intermodulation distortion, typical for designs with a single magnet. Close proximity of the ribbon diaphragm to the voice coil of the LF section, together with the absence of a phase plug, results in extremely coherent integration of the different signal components, generating a precise conical coverage.
The new line of coaxial ribbon drivers is a unique solution for cinema surround systems with immersive digital audio formats, new spatial audio installations using 3D sound processors and soundscapes, high resolution studio monitors, as well as demanding installed systems. Basically, any application with emphasis on accuracy of sound reproduction.
Radian Audio offers the CR Range in 6.5, 8, 10 and 12-inch standard configurations with a paper/Kevlar composite cone that is able to fit any application. As always, Radian is able to accommodate extensive OEM options.
Radian Audio is a well-known manufacturer of high performance transducers for the professional market. Radian offers high quality OEM speaker components, excelling in diaphragm replacements, compression drivers and coaxial loudspeakers. Radian is able to accommodate extensive OEM options.