2218 Neo - 18" Neo Subwoofer

The Radian 2218 Neo 18” low frequency transducer produces extremely high levels of bass energy. This woofer is designed as an extended low frequency device, used as a subwoofer or general purpose LF transducer. It features a DUAL Neodymium magnet structure which yields more power in it’s speaker class. Integral to this design is a composite ribbed cone, reinforced with X-5 material. The voice coil is a DOUBLE wound coil for better transient response, it uses advanced adhesives to give it extra power handling. The 2218 Neo has 1400 watts of AES power handling with a high-energy magnetic structure featuring a venturi cross section to increase ventilation efficiency, the output sensitivity is 101 dB (one watt, one meter 32 Hz) with continuous sound pressure level equal to 131dB.
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