LM10N - Wide Band Planar Ribbon Transducer

The Radian LM10n is a wide band planar ribbon driver
with a recommended operating frequency band
150Hz-20kHz. Its flat pattern of straight conductors is
evenly distributed over a stretched polymer diaphragm
and disposed in a symmetric magnetic structure.
As a result, the inductive component of input
impedance is eliminated and hence intermodulation
distortion is minimized.

LM10n Unique Atributes:
- Exceptional midrange band reproduction 
- Superior sonic transparency and resolution
- Textbook constant directivity in horizontal plane
- High energy Neodymium magnets
- Advanced polymer diaphragm with extremely linear operation over wide dynamic range
- Symmetric push-pull balanced system
- Resistive impedance with negligible inductive component
- Structurally inert design optimized for long-term operational stability
- Thermally conductive polymer frames
- Optimized for line array application

LM10n Applications:
Optimal application as a midrange paired with Radian LT3 or LT2 tweeters.
Open back/dipole configurations results in very airy, spacious, three-dimensional presentation. Closed back alignment results in a more direct, immediate and focused sonic images.
The LM10n is a great choice for line arrays having a maximized ratio of active radiating area to overall driver height (an array of LT3s or LT2s is recommended for ultimate performance), including coplanar/coaxially located arrays.
The Radian LM10n can be used for open back near field monitors, augmented with a subwoofer, delivering a holographic sonic reality for the ultimate in desktop high performance.

Nominal size: 10”/250 mm
Power handling AES¹: 70 W
Long-term maximum power, IEC¹: 100 W
Short-term maximum power, IEC¹: 200 W
Sensitivity²: 94 dB
Effective frequency range³: 120 Hz – 20 kHz
Horizontal coverage angle, dipole (open back): 120 deg
Vertical coverage angle: 30 deg
Diaphragm: Advanced high temperature stabilized polymer
Current carrying conductors: Aluminum foil
Displacement limit for diaphragm: 1.2 mm
Minimum impedance = Re (inductive component is absent): Impedance is predominantly constant @ Re=6.8 Ω
Magnet material: Neodymium
Driver plates material: Powder coated steel
Recommended minimum XO point
12 dB/Oct. - 150 Hz
6 dB/Oct. - 200 Hz
Net weight: 1.35 kg (3 lb.)
Terminals, gold plated: Positive 0.205”, negative 0.187”

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