March 06, 2014 2 min read


ORANGE, CA, December 6, 2006 – Radian Audio Engineering, Inc. (, a manufacturer of professional speaker systems and audio components installed worldwide, announced that more than 100 of its compression drivers and woofers have been installed at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans to replace the aging Altec-Lansing voice paging system.

The Radian Audio audio components were part of a $5.5-million remodeling and sound system upgrade at the 269,000-square foot Superdome after Katrina hit New Orleans in August of last year.

The sound system project was managed by PSX, Inc. (, a Covington, LA-based supplier of AV technologies and sound systems used in outdoor and indoor entertainment, sports and concert venues.

The Superdome’s new voice-paging system uses 52 high-output Radian 835PB compression drivers and 56 2215 fifteen-inch full-range woofers to reach concert crowds of more than 20,000 and football crowds exceeding 70,000. The Superdome has 125,000,000 cubic feet of space.

PSX called on its worldwide expertise to provide clear, balanced and consistent sound coverage to all areas in the Superdome. “A voice-paging system provides more than ongoing event information. Especially at a venue the size and capacity of the Superdome, it must be able to deliver important crowd-management details in the event of an emergency, a company spokesperson explained. “Clarity of voice and full fidelity is crucial,” he said, “and the Radian components gave us a reliable, high-performance well within the allotted budget.”

Radian’s Manager of Sales & Marketing, explained that a key aspect of the installation was retrofitting the 52 compression drivers to the existing Altec-Lansing horns previously used. “We custom-machined the drivers’ aluminum billet adapter plates, completing the modification in just three days at our facility in Orange, CA.”

The Louisiana Superdome, sitting on 52 acres, is one of New Orleans marquee landmarks, and is home to the New Orleans Saints NFL football team, the Allstate Sugar Bowl Football Classic, and the New Orleans Bowl. It is also a world-renowned venue for concerts, music festivals, shows and special events.. USA)

PSX, Inc., (, headquartered in Covington, LA, provides A/V solutions for outdoor and indoor entertainment, sports and concert venues worldwide, providing customized engineered audio solutions; intelligent lighting; entertainment video; security technologies; and communications, special effects and show/control systems.

Radian Audio Engineering, Inc. (, established in 1988, is a pioneer in professional speaker systems and audio components that are used internationally by sound contractors and dealers, live bands, and OEM manufacturers of top-brand audio equipment. The company’s design and manufacturing headquarters are in Orange, CA.