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MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio—March 01, 2021—Materion Corporation (NYSE: MTRN) and California-based Radian Audio have announced that they will partner together to manufacture Truextent® premium acoustic beryllium diaphragms used in high-end loudspeakers for both the pro audio and home audio markets.

Materion has produced Truextent acoustic beryllium speaker domes, cones and diaphragms for more than 20 years, supplying high-end speaker makers around the globe. Recognized around the world by OEMs and ODMs, Truextent genuine all beryllium acoustic components enable these firms to provide their clientele with unrivaled crystal-clear sound reproduction, thanks to berylliums high stiffness-to-weight ratio. This property improves the diaphragms pistonic motion, dramatically reducing unwanted distortion or sound breakup.”

This partnership will enable Materion to offer increased volume to support the growing high-end acoustic industry and support continued growth into the next decade. It also sets the stage for potential future collaborative efforts between the companies in the effort to bring the acoustic benefits of beryllium to a wider audience. 

Radian Audio is a fully integrated manufacturer, from concept, design, and assembly of LF and HF transducers. It has a global supply chain to match its domestic and international sales.

 “Materion has supplied Radian Audio with premium acoustic beryllium domes, cones and diaphragm assemblies for a number of years,” said Clive Grannum, President, Materion Performance Alloys and Composites. “Both companies are focused on producing best-in-class audio components, so joining forces in the form of this partnership ensures that we can meet the increasing demand for high-end speakers.” 

“Radian Audio is at the forefront of premium audio development and manufacturing, renowned globally for our great sounding, high quality speakers, and in particular our mastery of diaphragms. It was that search for musicality and excellence that lead us to recognize and maximize the unique properties of beryllium. We strive to be the best, and partnering with Materion on their Truextent Beryllium Dome is a natural evolution toward our commitment to provide the best in audio,” said Dwight Tobiano, Radian Chief Operating Officer.

With the new partnership, the Truextent beryllium diaphragm is assured a place in the premium audio Market. The synergy between Materion and Radian Audio will afford speaker manufacturers the opportunity to develop the beryllium technology to their specific audio needs – from concept, design, and production, up to the finish product.


About Materion:

Materion Corporation is headquartered in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. The Company, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, supplies advanced materials to global markets. Our unique product portfolio includes high performance alloys, beryllium products, clad metal strip, composite metals, ceramics, inorganic chemicals, microelectronics packaging materials, precision optics, thin film coatings and thin film deposition materials.

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About Radian Audio:

Radian Audio, based in Pomona, California, is an established manufacturer of high-quality drivers and speaker components. Radian Audio entered its fourth decade focused on serving the OEM and ODM markets, with modern facilities and a global presence. From its origins in professional audio, Radian today serves different market verticals, from high-end audio and residential install, to studio, cinema sound, and the most powerful high-quality sound reinforcement and performance systems, always with a differentiator in great sounding, well-engineered solutions, with consistent build quality.

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Photos Supplied with this release

Materion and Radian Audio Partner to Increase Production of High-End Truextent® Acoustic Beryllium Diaphragms


Materion and Radian Audio Partner to Increase Production of High-End Truextent® Acoustic Beryllium Diaphragms


Caption: Dwight Tobiano, Radian's Chief Operating Officer, and Nicholas Farrah, Industrial Sales, Marketing, and Product Line Director for Materion.


Materion and Radian Audio Partner to Increase Production of High-End Truextent® Acoustic Beryllium Diaphragms

 Caption: Nicholas Farrah, Industrial Sales, Marketing, and Product Line Director for Materion, with Dwight Tobiano, Chief Operating Officer, and Robert Newmann, manufacturing technical lead at Radian Audio.


Additional Note:

The partnership with Materion is just starting. Production is being setup in our factory in Pomona, CA, where all machinery is now in place. Training will need to be completed for additional processes.  Radian is manufacturing Truextent® premium acoustic beryllium diaphragms under contract to Materion, using Materion’s genuine beryllium acoustic domes manufactured by Materion at their plant in Elmore, Ohio. For products listed in Radian's catalog, Radian is able to complete the assembly and ship products now. New product items previously sold by Materion will be assembled by Radian in the future - engineering is now working on those. New developments will be carried out already by Radian, assisted by Materion. The process will need to be gradual and priorities on manufacturing are still being established as ramping up production is planned.

All enquiries will be addressed.

Radian will be announcing Beryllium Truextent products as they become available.

We truly appreciate everyone's interest and the many encouraging messages we received.

Radian Audio Engineering


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