July 26, 2020 1 min read

In the June and August 2020 editions of Voice Coil magazine, Vance Dickason tested Radian's latest LT6 and LT2 Ribbon Planar high-frequency drivers, respectively. In his highly-respected Test Bench monthly feature, Dickason shows what he measures in his lab and leaves subjective appreciations aside, revealing just his objective observations. Very seldom does he add any additional comments about the measured drivers. When he does, the effort mainly concerns providing additional perspective or useful advice for speaker designers. Regarding Radian's new generation LT Ribbons, Vance Dickason recognized the series potential for both pro audio speakers, or a hi-fidelity substitute for compression drivers in residential home theater or studio monitor applications. In August, when characterizing the smaller LT2 ribbon transducer, Dickason clearly recognized its potential as a great alternative to 0.5” to 0.75” compression drivers. He praises its "excellent build quality," and once again highlights the LT2 potential in demanding applications such as studio monitors.
Dare to try the LT2 on your next reference monitor or high end design? Radian Audio is available to support your own evaluation and design efforts on that front. 

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