5210 - 10″ Coaxial Speaker

  • Designed for high SPL applications where precise 90° conical coverage in a compact coaxial system is required
  • Ideal for small cinema rooms surround systems for immersive digital audio formats
  • 750 W continuous program power
  • LF with 3” high performance VC
  • Dual magnet design with independent magnetic gaps eliminates flux modulation and dramatically reduces intermodulation distortion in HF range
  • 1” HF driver diaphragm made from proprietary hardened aerospace grade Aluminum alloy with highest tensile strength to weight ratio and superior long term fatigue resistance
  • Heat stabilized polymer suspension ensures low distortion at high peak SPL and long term stability in most demanding applications
  • High performance edge-wound ribbon wire voice coils for maximum reliability
  • Extended to 27 kHz frequency range
  • High transparency and resolution
  • Optional premium XO
  • Optional matching 70V transformers
  • HF driver with 16 ohms impedance option
  • Replacement diaphragm for this speaker is model no. 1450  

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