760NEO - 3" Diaphragm, 2" Exit


Our Neo drivers are built around a compact and lightweight neodymium-iron-boron permanent magnet. These neodymium based structures have superior thermal properties that result higher power handling.

• transparent, high resolution sound

• low compression ratio phasing plug and fast expanding exit adapter eliminates typical compression driver distortion

• exemplary linear and extended response

• withstands long term extreme stress operation with high peak factor

• compact design, ideal for touring line arrays and top tier sound systems where light weight and very high SPL is required

• proprietary processed and hardened aerospace grade Aluminum alloy diaphragm with highest tensile strength to weight ratio guarantees long term fatigue resistance, extended HF and accurate signal peak reproduction

• heat stabilized polymer surround ensures low distortion at high SPL and long term performance stability

• high performance 76.3mm (3”) edge-wound ribbon wire voice coil with advanced adhesives for maximum reliability

• 200 W continuous program power

• self-aligning diaphragm assembly facilitates service in the field

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