950 - 4" Diaphragm, 2" Exit


The 950 driver delivers clean high frequency sound with ultra-low distortion. This reduction in 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion is only possible with our large format 4" diaphragm, 5 slit phase plug and Mylar suspension. The result is an extremely clean, less psychoacoustic fatiguing sound. The 950 is therefore the perfect choice in any application where the highest possible fidelity is required.

In horn loaded compression drivers, high frequency response is not as closely corelated with diaphragm size as it is with direct radiating speakers. This fact is exemplified with the 950 driver's uncompromised high frequency response right up to 20 kHz.

The large diaphragm features a 4" edge wound ribbon wire voice coil that has an extremely high power handling capacity. At the same time the driver is efficient, with very high sensitivity of 113dB at 1W/1m.

The 950's wide frequency response range of 500 Hz - 20 kHz makes it much more versatile than drivers with smaller diaphragms. The 125 watt AES power handling capacity make it ideal for live sound applications that require clear, transparent high frequencies at extreme SPL levels.

This driver also has a very low magnetic stray field energy and a light weight of 10.4 lbs./4.7 kg.

Replacement diaphragm for this speaker is model no. 1245  

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