May 16, 2016 2 min read

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Poll Sound, a leading audio installation and rental company in Utah, chose to use more than 230 Radian loudspeakers as a key part of the new 243,000-square-foot South Town Exposition Center in Sandy, Utah.

A combination of Radian 508-2B 8” and 512-2BBK 12” coaxial ceiling loudspeakers are part of the 70-volt distributed sound system throughout the meeting room and common areas. Deward Timothy of Poll Sound said he chose the Radian speakers because they solved a discrepancy between ceiling heights in the two areas.

“The meeting rooms ceilings are higher than the common areas or hallways outside of the rooms,” Timothy explained. “I didn’t want it to sound different when people moved from the meeting rooms to the hallways, so I chose the Radian because they were the only company that offered an 8” and 12” coaxial speaker with the same dispersion pattern for smooth continuity between the two areas. And they’re a great value.”

The 508-2B, with an 8″ low-frequency transducer and 1.75″ tweeter, has a 50 Hz-20 kHz frequency response for smooth full-range reproduction. The 508-2B, rated at 200 watts RMS and 400 watts continuous for power, is ideal for PA and background music/paging applications such as the convention center.

The 512-2BBKs ordered by Poll Sound are a customized version of Radian’s 512-2B, an  8-ohm loudspeaker with a 12” transducer and 1.75” tweeter. The difference is that the 512-2BBK includes a special steel bracket on which a 70-volt transformer and a passive Radian Model 332/12 crossover are mounted.

Poll Sound is handling the installation of the convention center’s sound system, which encompasses main exhibit floor, three meeting room areas, and walkways/common areas throughout the hall. The convention center is scheduled to open in for public use by January 2001.

Radian Audio Engineering, Inc., founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of full-range, subwoofer, monitor, and coaxial loudspeakers and speaker components for permanent sound systems and live sound applications. 

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