475 - 1″ Exit Compression Driver


More than three decades ago, Radian Audio Engineering went into business with a commitment to manufacture loudspeaker components that accurately reproduce the full frequency range of the audio spectrum. We began by building coaxial loudspeakers and compression drivers. The Radian 450 and 475, with 1.75” diaphragms, represent the refinement of our design efforts in 1” exit-format compression driver technology.

All Radian compression drivers feature heat-treated structural alloy aluminum diaphragm domes which form an optimum balance of strength and low weight. This is a key factor in extending high frequency response. Radian diaphragms utilize a Mylar® surround, which not only enhances the diaphragm’s reliability, but eliminates fatigue which destroys other compression driver diaphragms. In addition to being virtually indestructible, Mylar surrounds provide excellent dampening characteristics which translate into smooth, low-distortion, linear output devoid of the resonant peaks typically present in diaphragms made with metal surrounds. Beyond the obvious advantages of our Mylar-aluminum composite construction, Radian diaphragms utilize high temperature voice coil formers and advanced adhesives which allow Radian compression drivers to sustain high RMS and peak power levels over extended periods of time.

Compared to our 450 driver, the 475 has a more efficient thermal envelope, this added headroom results in a full 50 Watt AES power handling.

Replacement diaphragm for this is model no. 1450


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